January at the movies

Ice Idanan's Sakaling Hindi Makarating was the first movie I watched at Cinema Centenario. It was open ended, but I didn't mind. I usually hate inconclusive endings. Ice and Patrick Ostrea (the executive producer and Ice's boyfriend), came in afterwards. This is what Centenario calls a gala screening; they invite the directors, actors, writers, etc.… Continue reading January at the movies


Paint all your troubles away

I went on an out-of-town art retreat this weekend. When I first saw the ad and read "Bataan," it registered in my brain as "Batanes" so that got my attention. Then I saw the equivalent of "no skills needed" and I was theirs. But it was Bataan after all. Here's the Mount Samat cross: And… Continue reading Paint all your troubles away

The perfect sickness package

Day 1 of the new year, sick. But I discovered something in 2017 that made a big difference in my recovery. Drink fresh coconut water. It's better than Gatorade or rehydration salts. You will literally feel the rehydration process taking place in your body. And the meat is delicious! If you can't find fresh, you… Continue reading The perfect sickness package

In an ideal world

A kid wouldn't need to ask his aunts if his mom will be showing up for Christmas dinner A mom would actually make time for her son on Christmas A niece wouldn't waste the 5,000 chances her aunts gave her and the 5,000 more they will keep giving her A mom wouldn't tell her daughter… Continue reading In an ideal world

You just can’t say it enough

Life is so damn good! A new week, a much-needed shower. Lower back pain but only from being mostly horizontal for the last 72 hours and not from something undiagnosed. A breakfast of the dinner you gave up on. Turns out it's not as bad as you thought it was. Chatting with a dear old… Continue reading You just can’t say it enough