Needed to pick up a few things from the hardware store today. Got a bulb for my bathroom, electric tape for my phone charger, and teflon and clamps for our washing machine hose. The bulb is beautiful. It brightens up my world. The electric tape is perfect, but of course, having zero electrician skills, charging… Continue reading Handycapped


Butt talk

I worked with pets, mostly cats and dogs, for close to four and a half years. We had to do full body checks when they first arrived at the boarding facility, so anuses and (dog) penises became regular sightings for me. I've stared at more butts than I'd care to count. In high school, the… Continue reading Butt talk

Frisky Friday

I got off work early yesterday. Lucky me. I got to see the aftermath of Friday the 13th. Jeepney ride home. What else is new? I think I only ever have jeepney stories to tell. Two men were sitting across from me. One was clearly drunk and all over the place. He was holding a… Continue reading Frisky Friday

Frazzled Friday

It was raining hard yesterday so I was willing to pay the ~400 pesos it would cost to take a GrabCar to work. I was ready but the driver cancelled. I looked out the window. The rain had let up and it was still around my normal departure time, so I decided to do my… Continue reading Frazzled Friday

Socializing is not just for dogs

It's also for the sad. If you're going through something sad that you don't want to deal with, you tend to seek people out and leave the wrestling with sadness for later. That probably partially explains why it's hard to recognize depression in others. They're socializing, putting on a brave face while all that baggage… Continue reading Socializing is not just for dogs