What is rape?

She wakes up at night to a man in her room, a man who took her under his wing, someone she considers an older brother. He wants sex. She fights him off. He persists. She figures she wants sex anyway since it's been a while. She gives in. She gets a text from someone she… Continue reading What is rape?


Sexually harassed in 4 countries, part 4

United Arab Emirates Part 1, part 2, part 4? You're wondering if I know how to count. Yes, I do. It simply isn't part 3's time yet. This is my favorite one of all. I was older, living by myself, working in Dubai. Being a Muslim country, they have certain practices they observe. Being recently… Continue reading Sexually harassed in 4 countries, part 4

Scamdinavia, Metro Manila

I've been waiting for this day. I'm glad it finally came. Now my suspicions have been confirmed. I'm riding a jeep, on the way to work. Someone gets on. Judging solely from his voice, as I didn't look at him, he was an older teenager, around 16. He seems very shy. He hands out his… Continue reading Scamdinavia, Metro Manila


Ready to die

You hear stories about people getting robbed, trying to fight back and then getting stabbed or shot because they resisted. The advice from your loved ones is to just give the creeps what they want. Well, that's why the thieves keep doing their thing, because they know they'll get away with it. Then you hear… Continue reading Ready to die


Sexually harassed in 4 countries, part 2

Saudi Arabia An empty supermarket aisle. Me with a shopping cart. My sister in front, looking at merchandise on a shelf. A hand touches my butt. A man in a thobe. I push the cart a few steps forward. Hand on my butt AGAIN. Brown fists banging on white cloth. Stupid guy says, "What, what?!"… Continue reading Sexually harassed in 4 countries, part 2