In an ideal world

A kid wouldn't need to ask his aunts if his mom will be showing up for Christmas dinner A mom would actually make time for her son on Christmas A niece wouldn't waste the 5,000 chances her aunts gave her and the 5,000 more they will keep giving her A mom wouldn't tell her daughter… Continue reading In an ideal world



Facebook is a treasure trove. You can see what your friends are up to, buy stuff online, and even find jobs to apply for. I saw a job opening for a reseller today. Out of the 7 qualifications the employer enumerated, here are the 3 most disturbing: Willing to squeeze hours out of minutes and… Continue reading Seriously?

Frisky Friday

I got off work early yesterday. Lucky me. I got to see the aftermath of Friday the 13th. Jeepney ride home. What else is new? I think I only ever have jeepney stories to tell. Two men were sitting across from me. One was clearly drunk and all over the place. He was holding a… Continue reading Frisky Friday

Frazzled Friday

It was raining hard yesterday so I was willing to pay the ~400 pesos it would cost to take a GrabCar to work. I was ready but the driver cancelled. I looked out the window. The rain had let up and it was still around my normal departure time, so I decided to do my… Continue reading Frazzled Friday

Wipe that face off your face!

On my way home this morning, I was sat across a guy who was clearly gay. His skin was gorgeous. It didn't need AA, BB, CC or any other letter cream. It was smooth and clear and perfect. And with lips to die for! Even I can't put lipstick on as beautifully as he did.… Continue reading Wipe that face off your face!