Butt talk

I worked with pets, mostly cats and dogs, for close to four and a half years. We had to do full body checks when they first arrived at the boarding facility, so anuses and (dog) penises became regular sightings for me. I've stared at more butts than I'd care to count. In high school, the… Continue reading Butt talk


Socializing is not just for dogs

It's also for the sad. If you're going through something sad that you don't want to deal with, you tend to seek people out and leave the wrestling with sadness for later. That probably partially explains why it's hard to recognize depression in others. They're socializing, putting on a brave face while all that baggage… Continue reading Socializing is not just for dogs

I’m a grooveless grandma

I used to work with 2 part-time Fitness First instructors. This was around the time Nestle Fitness released the Les Mills CD series. One of the instructors was much older than me, but boy was she fit! I told her doing the Body Vive workout (low-impact aerobics) got me winded. I sweat buckets doing it.… Continue reading I’m a grooveless grandma

Want sex, don’t want baby

Single, married, separated or it's complicated, if you're having sex, you better be of legal age and doing it responsibly. Men have less to worry about because they don't get invaded for nine months and they can ditch the girl if they (the men) are assholes, so this is more for the women. Now, this isn't a… Continue reading Want sex, don’t want baby

Vye-vye virginity!

A very early Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovers out there! First boyfriend, first sexual encounter, first baby. "Don't get pregnant if you're not married" -- the advice from well-meaning parents who did just the opposite. Unplanned pregnancies, all too common, especially with girls you can barely call teenagers. What aren't we telling our kids… Continue reading Vye-vye virginity!