Trash talk

Coke Zero is quite popular at our house. I call it black death, but I still drink it sometimes. We probably go through at least 2 1.5L bottles every week. This and other bottled/canned drinks can add up to a lot of trash. That's a huge impact on the Earth, so I decided to do… Continue reading Trash talk


Sorting Sunday

Today was not my typical sleep-in Sunday. I woke up early, got dressed, then headed off to Pandacan, Manila. My destination? Sto. Niño Parish Church on Jesus St. I don't usually go to church, but this one's different. The church plaza is the site of a plastic waste recovery effort that takes place every 4th… Continue reading Sorting Sunday

Somebody kill me, please

... said no beach ever! Today was a good day. I got to spend some time at the beach. This is one view: Here's another. And another... But I was also greeted by this: Someone forgot to shave at home. Processed food is bad for the oceans too. Let's keep it clean, guys! Let's love… Continue reading Somebody kill me, please


Expensive entanglements

Valentine's is fast approaching. Time to kill plants for our loved ones again. Here are a few tips on spending your money a little more wisely this year: Don't spend too much on flowers. They're gonna die anyway. Buy condoms instead so you don't end up being accidental parents, when all you wanted was a little… Continue reading Expensive entanglements