Sexually harassed in 4 countries, part 4

United Arab Emirates Part 1, part 2, part 4? You're wondering if I know how to count. Yes, I do. It simply isn't part 3's time yet. This is my favorite one of all. I was older, living by myself, working in Dubai. Being a Muslim country, they have certain practices they observe. Being recently… Continue reading Sexually harassed in 4 countries, part 4


Scamdinavia, Metro Manila

I've been waiting for this day. I'm glad it finally came. Now my suspicions have been confirmed. I'm riding a jeep, on the way to work. Someone gets on. Judging solely from his voice, as I didn't look at him, he was an older teenager, around 16. He seems very shy. He hands out his… Continue reading Scamdinavia, Metro Manila