Sexually harassed in 4 countries, part 4

United Arab Emirates Part 1, part 2, part 4? You're wondering if I know how to count. Yes, I do. It simply isn't part 3's time yet. This is my favorite one of all. I was older, living by myself, working in Dubai. Being a Muslim country, they have certain practices they observe. Being recently… Continue reading Sexually harassed in 4 countries, part 4


Scamdinavia, Metro Manila

I've been waiting for this day. I'm glad it finally came. Now my suspicions have been confirmed. I'm riding a jeep, on the way to work. Someone gets on. Judging solely from his voice, as I didn't look at him, he was an older teenager, around 16. He seems very shy. He hands out his… Continue reading Scamdinavia, Metro Manila

Sorting Sunday

Today was not my typical sleep-in Sunday. I woke up early, got dressed, then headed off to Pandacan, Manila. My destination? Sto. Niño Parish Church on Jesus St. I don't usually go to church, but this one's different. The church plaza is the site of a plastic waste recovery effort that takes place every 4th… Continue reading Sorting Sunday

Thunder thighs, activate!

Big boobs, hefty hips, thick thighs, just the very obstacles to hinder a potentially enjoyable shopping spree. And when you're in the Philippines, faced with those f*cking FS (free size) tags, you just wanna lash out at everything and everyone in your path. Shopping, in this context, is not the stress-busting activity that a stereotypical… Continue reading Thunder thighs, activate!

Ready, pets, go!

My friend and I used to work at a pet hotel. She was actually my supervisor. Nowadays she's busy dragging me to places on Saturdays. In an effort to keep the costs manageable, I try to take her to blogging events. That way, we only spend on fare and a second meal 😀 So not… Continue reading Ready, pets, go!