Sexually harassed in 4 countries, part 4

United Arab Emirates Part 1, part 2, part 4? You're wondering if I know how to count. Yes, I do. It simply isn't part 3's time yet. This is my favorite one of all. I was older, living by myself, working in Dubai. Being a Muslim country, they have certain practices they observe. Being recently… Continue reading Sexually harassed in 4 countries, part 4


Sorting Sunday

Today was not my typical sleep-in Sunday. I woke up early, got dressed, then headed off to Pandacan, Manila. My destination? Sto. Niño Parish Church on Jesus St. I don't usually go to church, but this one's different. The church plaza is the site of a plastic waste recovery effort that takes place every 4th… Continue reading Sorting Sunday

Thunder thighs, activate!

Big boobs, hefty hips, thick thighs, just the very obstacles to hinder a potentially enjoyable shopping spree. And when you're in the Philippines, faced with those f*cking FS (free size) tags, you just wanna lash out at everything and everyone in your path. Shopping, in this context, is not the stress-busting activity that a stereotypical… Continue reading Thunder thighs, activate!

Ready, pets, go!

My friend and I used to work at a pet hotel. She was actually my supervisor. Nowadays she's busy dragging me to places on Saturdays. In an effort to keep the costs manageable, I try to take her to blogging events. That way, we only spend on fare and a second meal 😀 So not… Continue reading Ready, pets, go!