I’m a grooveless grandma

I used to work with 2 part-time Fitness First instructors. This was around the time Nestle Fitness released the Les Mills CD series. One of the instructors was much older than me, but boy was she fit! I told her doing the Body Vive workout (low-impact aerobics) got me winded. I sweat buckets doing it.… Continue reading I’m a grooveless grandma


Roadtrippin’ with daddeh

... in a Ford Everest: a pre-Father's Day story in pictures 16 and 17 June 2017. Ford Global City invited dads and their children for a weekend of bonding on the road. Each family was assigned an SUV for the trip. Our first stop was Bonifacio High Street, where I had the opportunity to test… Continue reading Roadtrippin’ with daddeh

Somebody kill me, please

... said no beach ever! Today was a good day. I got to spend some time at the beach. This is one view: Here's another. And another... But I was also greeted by this: Someone forgot to shave at home. Processed food is bad for the oceans too. Let's keep it clean, guys! Let's love… Continue reading Somebody kill me, please