Sexually harassed in 4 countries


I was about 10 or 11 years old. I had my youngest sister sitting on my shoulders and we were going to the cold store (Middle Eastern version of the Filipino sari sari store) with a friend. A guy in an Asian equivalent of a Scottish kilt comes up to us and plays with my sister’s leg, saying how cute she was. Then he graduated to fondling my left breast while still marvelling at sister’s cuteness. I don’t react, afraid that my sister would fall and get a head injury if I struggled against this pig. The molestation ends and we continue our walk to the store. My friend asks me twice if the guy touched me. I deny it twice.

Lessons learned:

  1. Never let your kids go out without adult supervision. Teach them independence some other way.
  2. Never carry your sister on your shoulders in a possibly hostile environment. This way you can kick ass and RUN!
  3. Don’t deny it. Your friends are your allies. You should be able to talk to them about anything. If shame had any part in my denial, then I was wrong. Speak out against shit like that to spread awareness.
  4. TELL YOUR PARENTS! The idea didn’t cross my mind at the time. Looking back, that’s the number one thing I should’ve done. Half the time, our parents have no clue what’s going on. They would’ve taken steps to keep this from happening again had they known.

Stay safe from perverts, babies. More stories to come.


3 thoughts on “Sexually harassed in 4 countries”

  1. i know how you feel.. and i too had a similar experience but the thing was im a dude.. and the one violating me was a guy too who was extremely older then me hate to post this online and people finding out who i am but i share a similar experience and never told a soul until today

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    1. Well, thank you for telling your story. Unfortunately, it’s all too common, which is truly sad. No one, male or female, should be violated in such a way, especially at such a tender age. Adults should know better. The important thing for us is to learn from our experiences, emerge stronger and let people know that such incidents do occur. Knowledge is power. Thank you again. I love that a man is speaking out about such things. There is no shame here. In fact, the perpetrators are the ones who have to be afraid. We will no longer take their crap lying down. They better watch their backs!


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