Sexually harassed in 4 countries, part 2

Saudi Arabia An empty supermarket aisle. Me with a shopping cart. My sister in front, looking at merchandise on a shelf. A hand touches my butt. A man in a thobe. I push the cart a few steps forward. Hand on my butt AGAIN. Brown fists banging on white cloth. Stupid guy says, "What, what?!"… Continue reading Sexually harassed in 4 countries, part 2


Sexually harassed in 4 countries

Bahrain I was about 10 or 11 years old. I had my youngest sister sitting on my shoulders and we were going to the cold store (Middle Eastern version of the Filipino sari sari store) with a friend. A guy in an Asian equivalent of a Scottish kilt comes up to us and plays with… Continue reading Sexually harassed in 4 countries

How to catch a thief

I’m writing this in hopes of imparting some useful information to the general public. I was robbed this week at around 5:45 am in front of IPI, near the intersection of Ortigas Avenue and C5. I'm wearing my backpack Dora-the-Explorer style, and someone bumps into me from behind. It’s a guy with a blue shirt. I… Continue reading How to catch a thief