I’ve insulted a man’s intelligence enough for one day.

I was in line to withdraw from the ATM. An old man with a cane was currently using the machine. He took a while. I assumed it was because he had tons of money. He came out. I wanted to mind my own business so I didn't look. Turns out one arm was paralyzed, so… Continue reading I’ve insulted a man’s intelligence enough for one day.


Busy afternoon

Woke up at 12 and accomplished a lot: Brunch at home with the parents Attempted washing machine repair, which confirmed my diagnosis, but a permanent fix requires more man hours that will have to wait another day or two or more Emergency laundromat drop-off Got harassed by a security guard Paid a credit card bill… Continue reading Busy afternoon

Bloody hell!

I have a cotton marshmallow up my vagina and it's poking my insides. In the Philippines, sanitary napkins are the most commonly used blood suckers by the menstruating. Tampons are available, but not everywhere, and they're more expensive. For 25 pesos, one can already avail of a 12-pack of napkins. I've only used tampons once… Continue reading Bloody hell!

I fell in love with my rapist

It's a long, sordid story, but it's true. And after 7+years, I've only told two people and only this love month. After today's confession, many hours, 2.5 bags of chips, a chocolate bar, and two fat-laden bottled drinks, I realized I used the word debrief in reference to the aftermath of that relationship. It's been… Continue reading I fell in love with my rapist